Cookies Policy



PHPSESSID: a strictly necessary technical cookie that contains the session ID.

_ga: a Google Analytics cookie that enables the unique visit control function. This cookie is installed the first time a user enters the website through a browser. When the user enters the website again using the same browser, the cookie will consider it to be the same user. Only if the user changes browser will he/she be considered another user. It expires 2 years after the last update.

_gat: this cookie is associated with Google Analytics Universal. It is used to limit the request speed: limiting data gathering on high-traffic sites. It expires after 10 minutes.

ac_cookies: a strictly necessary technical cookie that contains the value showing whether the installation of cookies has been accepted. It expires 1 year after the last update.





  1. Select the Tools icon
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Show Advanced Options.
  4. In the “Privacy” section click on Content settings.
  • Delete cookies: Click on All cookies and site data …
  • Do not allow cookies be stored.
  1. Click on clear browsing data (empty the cache).
  2. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Chrome click here:


Internet Explorer. Version 11

  1. Select Tools | Internet Options.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. In the “Browsing history” section click on Delete browsing history on exit.
  4. Select Delete files.
  5. Select Delete cookies.
  6. Click on Delete.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Internet Explorer click here:


Firefox. Version 18

  1. Select Firefox | History | Clear Recent History.
  2. Beside “Details”, click on the down arrow.
  3. Select the following checkboxes: Cookies, Cache, Active Logins
  4. Select Everything in the “Time range to clear” drop-down menu.
  5. Click on Clear Now.
  6. Close and restart the browser.

You can accept or reject cookies individually in Firefox’s preferences in the History section in Tools > Options > Privacy.

For more information about Mozilla Firefox click here:


Safari Version 5.1

  1. Select the Safari icon / Edit | Restore Safari.
  2. Select the following checkboxes: Delete the history, Remove All Website Data
  3. Click on Restore.
  4. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Safari click here:



Options – Advanced – Cookies.

The cookie options control the way in which Opera handles them and therefore whether you accept or reject them.

For more information about Opera click here:


Other browsers

See the documentation for the browser you have installed.


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