The La Salá range of sangrias takes classic combos and elevates them to a family of refreshing drinks with top quality from the main ingredient.

We use only the most select wines with PDO and vintage years that enhance the natural aromas contained in our family of sangrias.

“La Salá Bodega respects the tradition of good wine-making”

Selecting the grapes, harvesting, processing wine naturally, and carefully conserving it until it becomes an excellent wine.

Paired with the best selection of fruits it can become a full-bodied drink, brimming with nuances on the palate, refreshing, and one that you will want to drink all year round.

We have taken care of all the details, from the highest quality ingredients that raise the cocktail category to the most artisanal staging.

Always with a fresh modern style and its own personality.

All mixers have PDO and a strong Spanish accent

Drink responsably